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Gallopica: iOS App für Freizeitreiter und Pferdefreunde! ƒƒƒƒƒƒ
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  • Gallopica – The App for trail riders and horse fans.

    With this unique App you can now keep track of your ride and create a map that you can then share with your friends. What makes this App special, is that alongside recording various parameters such as: duration, distance and speed, it also marks out the varying gaits in colour. Now you can see when and where you walked, trotted or cantered/gallopped.
  • Photos

    It is possible to take photos of especially beautiful places whilst out on your ride. They are then automatically marked to their position on your map, so that your friends can see where you have ridden and what you have experienced.
  • Statistics

    After you have finished your ride, you can evaluate your statistics. All the various results (e.g. duration, breaks, different speeds and distances), are represented in a detailed table.
  • Alongside the App, there are various interesting functions to discover on the website:

    A social network, horses for sale, a list of stables, a marketplace, horse sharing, event-calendar and much more... We wish you a lot of fun exploring all the features!